All Ground Concrete in Berkeley Testimonials


"Excellent results and the cost was very competitive."

All Ground Concrete just did a great job replacing a crumbling retaining wall at my home. Their work was well planned and carefully executed with excellent results and the cost was very competitive.

"Clean, precise, and really stands out."

Our house came with a sagging, flimsy metal front fence that was functionally useless and pretty ugly to boot. We decided it was time to upgrade, and reached out to a few contractors to get some different ideas and bids. Fari came recommended via Nextdoor and immediately I felt like he was interested in the project and really making sure my family and I were happy. 

The project wasn't entirely straightforward given that the old iron fence was embedded into thick concrete, but we worked together to come up with a good plan. Like any good plan, we ran into some unexpected hiccups along the way (that original fence was installed by somebody way less skilled than Fari, let's just say), but Fari prevailed and we ended up with a modern fence that integrates cleanly with some of the underlying structure we kept from the old fence. 

Cleanup each day was meticulous and communication was always smooth. I'm pretty exacting, but I very rarely had to give any feedback to get things to a state I was happy with (Fari cheerfully went to Home Depot many, many, many times in response to my requests). 

We get tons of compliments on how it turned out, and it's been super sturdy to boot. It's clean, precise, and it really stands out. I'm abstaining from posting a photo since it's distinctive and I don't want to share my home's location with the world ;) but believe me when I say it's modern and meticulous! 

Fari was always transparent about how materials and labor costs were stacking up compared to his original estimates, and we did keep the project costs well within the realm of fairness (he priced his work very competitively). 

He also did some work to put in compacted granite in our driveway, which has turned out beautifully. When some concrete under one of the fence gates rose up with the rain several months after completing the project, he came back out to make some adjustments to the gates so that they swing cleanly in all weather conditions and didn't once bring up charging for it. 

He really stands behind his work!

"Finished the job quick."

All Ground Concrete (licensed concrete contractor in Berkeley) gave me a good price, kept me updated and finished the job quick.