About ALL GROUND CONCRETE Contractor in Berkeley CA

Fari Malekzadeh - ALL GROUND CONCRETE Contractor

Fari Malekzadeh excels at solving puzzles. He’s a whiz at Rubik’s Cube. When his kids were little, he couldn’t bear for their toys to be broken—he flawlessly repaired their damaged bikes or toy cars with actual construction hardware.

When Fari started doing construction work nearly 20 years ago, he brought this same talent, care, and ingenuity to planning clients’ jobs and creatively solving real-world problems. 

Even more than pleasure at a job well done, Fari loves the satisfaction of putting a smile on a client’s face. This is why, after years of working for large companies, Fari now runs his own businesses, All Ground Electric (electrical contractor in Berkeley) and All Ground Concrete (concrete contractor in Berkeley). As a licensed electrical and concrete contractor doing both residential and commercial work, he enjoys working directly with clients and offering two different ways to improve folks’ homes and businesses.

Fari’s creative talents don’t end there. He is also an artist. On the side, he creates one-of-a-kind outdoor moon lamps which look incredible in a backyard. He also has designed beautiful backyards and waterfalls for friends and family.

In his spare time, Fari enjoys spending time with his family and, when his wife will accompany him, loves to ride his motorcycle in the East Bay hills.

Fari Malekzadeh, All Ground Concrete contractor in Berkeley, CA

Fari Malekzadeh, All Ground Concrete contractor in Berkeley, CA